Rock climbing in Nepal



When did you start climbing?

Just after a day’s practice, I participated for the first time in a competition on 28 February 2013. The competition was entitled “Wall Spider”, organized at Astrek Climbing Wall, Kathmandu. I managed to secure first position in “Speed” category. That was the beginning of my journey in climbing field. The win encouraged me, and thus, I began researching on women’s participation in adventure sector. I found several motivational figures, like the Seven Summit Women from Nepal, Pasang Lhamu Sherpa, the first Nepali woman to scale Mt. Everest. I got inspired by their stories and wanted to continue in the adventure-sports’ field. My brother’s continuous support is also what made me continue.

Was it easy for a girl/a woman to start climbing? (Did your family support you in this adventure?)

A.: As females from Nepal, most girls hesitate to take part in adventure sports, let it be climbing or anything else. But since I received full family support, especially from my brother, it was relatively easier for me to venture into climbing.

What’s your next goal ?

Well, one of my goals is to participate in World Championship of Climbing, and bring home the victory by winning it. I also want to encourage more Nepalese girls to venture into the field of outdoor and adventure sports including climbing. Also, the other thing I really want to do is make the accessibility to climbing gears easier for girls in Nepal. Climbing gears in Nepal are expensive and this also has been holding back the girls from participating. Thus, I want to support by looking for supporters and sponsors for them.


Do you have any other hobbies?

My other hobbies include cycling and dancing.

Do you have a personal message to all the little girls?

I would like to say that nothing is impossible, really. You do need to give your hundred percent though. If you are dedicated enough in the field you choose and do not give up no matter what, success will not just be a dream, but an actual achievement.



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